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Greens Pulse Solutions

Greens Pulse Solutions is an extension to the mother company in Qatar which was established in 2012. It offers communication, telecommunication industrial services, consultations, integrations and is also an established supplier of versatile products.
Bahrain is one of the most liberalized and competitive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) markets in the Middle East because of high levels of penetration for fixed and mobile services. Since its inception in 2012, Greens Pulse Solutions has been working closely with various ICT establishments and is rated among the most promising and reputed organization. Greens Pulse Solutions is a vibrant partner indeed. It shares a special bond with its partners and builds long term professional relations in a healthy way. Greens Pulse Solutions manifests good moral values and believes in quality business relations built on the foundation of trust and respect.
Greens Pulse Solutions delivers services on time, fulfils its commitments and ensures impeccable customer satisfaction.


To be a regional leader dedicated to ameliorating the telecommunication solutions and services that delivers state of the art technological support for augmented connectivity demands.


The Greens Pulse Solutions progresses with the commitment to ascertain the inevitable customer satisfaction. We deliver basic end to end and customized ICT solutions within the pledged timeline. Furthermore, we offer consultation services to anticipate the futuristic information and communication technology requirements.

Our Team

Greens pulse solutions has a dedicated team of passionate individuals who combine knowledge with technological innovations in a professional way. We work closely with the client’s demands. Our knowledgeable portfolio makes a convincing difference to our customer in network rollout, managed services, integrations of system and technical implementation that commits high standards of project management and the best quality of service.


Connectivity Segment

Greens pulse solutions has an expertise to provide the entire range of end to end connectivity solution for wireless and fixed line technologies.

Wireless Connectivity

We provide services for Tier one microwave providers e.g. Ericsson, NSN, NERA, Aviat, SIAE and NEC. Moreover, we also have an expertise in other non-traditional established enterprise solutions which includes free band wireless product supply, services and optical wireless solutions for fiber extension. Our services comprise the following:

  • Site acquisition
  • Survey and Planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Network optimization and up gradation
  • Quality audits

Fixed Connectivity

The demand of enormous data rates, secure and reliable data connectivity is promoting the fiber based fixed connectivity solutions. Thus, so we strongly emphasize on providing the forefront technologies meeting the customer needs and offer the following services:

  • Joining/Splicing and termination for indoor and outdoor optical fiber access networks
  • Customized cable assemblies, troubleshooting and emergency restoration
  • Optical fiber network testing services such as splice loss testing, reel testing, end to end connectivity etc.
  • Premises network connectivity using CAT 5, 6, coaxial and fiber cables for FTTH and FTTP projects
  • Contract staffing of skilled resources
  • Auditing services

Network Infrastructure Segment

Greens pulse solutions can provide all kinds of network infrastructure works including power systems, civil works and various IBS related activities including:

  • Installation of power systems
  • Connectivity Civil Works

In Building Solutions

For best quality service coverage, the necessity of IBS installation can never be ignored. We install indoor building solution to get the signals into locations where access to the outdoor network coverage becomes an issue of concern. We take charge of the planning and implement the network design to ensure outstanding network services. Various activities involved in IBS implementation are:

  • Survey
  • Floor planning
  • IBS survey, planning and deployment
  • IBS optimization and acceptance

Other Segments

Events and preventive maintenance

We conduct preventive maintenance of telecom networks. A well maintained telecom site produces minimum errors and is even cost effective. Preventive maintenance helps to build strategies to control such unpredictable events. It reduces the corrective maintenance, optimizes performance, reduces downtime and prolongs the life span of deployed infrastructure leading to the customer satisfaction.

Site management

Our experienced professionals manage the site in a systematic way and construct the network in harmony with environmental policies. If the site is not managed efficiently then it can result in bigger issues. Thus we offer site management services where plan, action and execution are performed in a standardized way to achieve operational excellence.

Quality audits

We offer total site quality audit, as per the client’s demands and requirements. Our experienced professionals conduct quality audit in accordance to the professional ethics.

Passive components and cables

Passive components and cables are getting enhanced acceptance in the communication technology markets. Our experienced engineers structure the passive components and cables in a systematic way. They carry out backbone cabling connections between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms and communications rooms; work-area components connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system.


Greens Pulse Solutions has developed close working relationship with leading telecom manufacturers and as a results, Greens Pulse provides a wide range of product. We continually add new products to the list and presently, there are over 20,000 products in the segment as mentioned below:

  • Active & Test Equipment
  • Antenna Radio Equipment
  • Armored/Non-Armored Communication Cables
  • Artificial Trees
  • Cabinet Accessories
  • Cable Managements
  • Camouflaged Structures
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Composite Cables & Connectors
  • Energy
  • Fiber optic product
  • Fiber transceiver
  • GEPON solutions
  • Gigabit ethernet switches
  • Housing/Omni shelters
  • Hybrid Renewable
  • Media Converters
  • Mobile stations
  • Network installer’s toolkits
  • PCI-E Network card
  • Poles
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Professional Tools
  • Protocol converter
  • Roof Top structure
  • Server Racks
  • Steel Work
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Trunking and conduits
  • UTP/STP cables
  • Video Multiplexers
  • Work wear and protective Equipment

Our Experience

Greens solutions assures all services to be fulfilled to customers with high quality of service.

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